Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Causes A Scene At Slain Corporal's Funeral

Lina Hidalgo showed up for the funeral of Corporal Charles Galloway on Tuesday, February 1. Lina and other dignitaries arrived at the private funeral to show their respect for the Corporal and his family. But Lina was not satisfied with just showing up, she wanted to be photographed and filmed at the head of the ceremonial vanguard, at the gravesite. Lina was asked, by Precinct 5 Sgt. Roy Guinn, to be seated at her place which was directly behind Corporal Galloway's family. Sgt Guinn stated that she refused to do so and she asked him, if he knew who she was. He responded to her that he did, and politely asked her again to be seated behind the family. Lina refused and would not move.

Last year Lina Hidalgo tried to defund the Precinct and get rid of their ability to protect the county's citizens. Now she uses the death of one of those heroes, as an opportunity to show that she cares. Beyond this being an embarrassing moment for Harris County, it shows the danger of electing an inexperienced person to the County's highest position. During COVID, Lina wanted to release all the prisoners in the county jail and then she tried to remove the county's ability to patrol and protect neighborhoods. Why is Lina Hidalgo on a mission to ravage the County with crime? Why did Adrian Garcia and Rodney Ellis miss the funeral? Will these individuals be re-elected to finish their destruction of the County?


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