Heat Packing Dad Shoots Armed Robber at Burger King

Travis Harris was just beginning a robbing bender in Miami. But then Travis made a very bad decision when he thought he saw a potentially great mark in a family having lunch at Burger King. Travis brandished his hand gun and demanded the family turn over their valuables, then proceeded to make his escape. What he didn’t plan on was a father who was armed and clear thinking: the father shot Travis in the leg and he was followed, then apprehended by the police.

As John Hawkins of MrConservative.com wrote:

So, the story had a happy ending…but only because Wayne LaPierre turned out to be right when he said,“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Those lunatic gun-grabbers can spew all the non-sense they want, but Americans know that conceal carry saves lives and stops attacks. No rape whistle in the world would have deterred Travis Harris. And you can bet there is one dad who will be forever grateful he was carrying.

Read more by Kevin Jackson at TheBlackSphere.net.


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