The HEROES Act Doesn't Cut it for our Heroes on the Frontlines

I made the following statement regarding the HEROES Act:

Unlike the previous COVID-19 emergency response bills, this piece of legislation was sent to the House floor without any input from Republican members and was crafted behind closed doors. We are facing one of the largest public health and economic crises in our nation’s history—now is not the time for partisan politics. It is critical Congress addresses the needs of the American people—however, the Democrats have decided to put together a $3.3 trillion wish list that has no bipartisan support. 

Over the last two months, I have been working hand-in-hand with local officials, both Republican and Democrat, to find ways to assist Texans in the 10th Congressional District. By disregarding input from other Members on an emergency response bill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is disregarding thousands of Americans who have been voicing their needs to their Representatives. Our focus should be on equipping our health care industry with the tools necessary to continue efforts to expand testing, appropriate research funds to fast-tracking treatments and a vaccine for the coronavirus, and helping our small businesses and U.S. industries stay afloat. 

It is my hope that we can come together and put forth measures that address the current crisis our nation is facing.


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