Hillary Clinton and National Security

Hillary Clinton is corrupt, Hillary Clinton is a criminal who was careless with national security and Hillary Clinton is not even a nice person as evidence from her State Department security who simply didn’t want anything to do with defending her as part of interview with the FBI. There is one more thing to consider, Hillary Clinton is incompetent. Here is a good way to judge Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama foreign policy: Are we safer today than when they took office? Begin with Yemen. When Hillary became Secretary of State, Yemen was stable but now it is engaged in a Civil War with Saudi Arabia supporting one side and Iran supporting the other side.

Libya in 2009 went from a promoter of terrorism to withdrawing from the terror war as Gaddafi surrendered his weapons of mass destruction. This was a significant victory for the Bush’s administration which goes unnoticed. Hillary Clinton instituted a war against Gaddafi to overthrow him but the brilliant Mrs. Clinton failed to prepare for a post Gaddafi government and now it is an ISIS playground.

In 2007, Israel bombed a nuclear facility in Syria but today Assad has won his Civil War with the loss of half a million lives and still counting, plus millions more refugees are fleeing the area including Europe. It could easily be said that more people have died during the Obama era throughout the Middle East than during Bush’s years but at least during the Bush years, we had victories to brag about.

Speaking of Iraq, Clinton/Obama inherited a stable Iraq as they inherited a stable Middle East, or as stable as the Middle East could be. What is forgotten on both sides in this election is we won the ground war in Iraq and even Obama conceded this point in 2010 and 2011 as he prepared to pull out all troops from Iraq.

What happened after the pull out: ISIS rose and Iran increased its influence in Iraq and throughout the region. Today, we have 5000 Americans fighting alongside the Iraqi army trying to take back territory we had won before Clinton's era as Secretary of State. American soldiers are now back in Iraq.

In 2009, Iran saw riots in the street and were economically stressed but under the brilliance of Obama/Clinton, we have seen Iran on the path to obtaining a nuclear weapon and a less stable Middle East as Iran extended its influence in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Then there is the reset with Russia. When Hillary became Secretary of State, Ukraine belonged to Ukraine but today half of Ukraine along with Crimea belongs in the proxies of Vladimir Putin.

Bottom line, Hillary Clinton was a failure as Secretary of State with a foreign policy that left us less safe. Now tell me why she should be President.


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