Hillary Clinton’s email scandal deepens, threatening House Democrats

National Republican Congressional Committee - Inspector General Charles McCullough delivered more bad news to Democrats hoping to share the ticket with Hillary Clinton in November. In his letter to Congress, McCullough informed lawmakers that several dozen additional classified emails had been found on Clinton’s private email server, including some containing information from special access programs, a classification higher than top secret.

  • This new information comes in the midst of an FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails, which former U.S. Attorneys have predicted will result in criminal charges.
  • Hillary Clinton’s favorability has nosedived over the past year, as revelations about her questionable email practices have come to light, dropping from 52%-42.1% favorable a year ago, to 42.8%-51% favorable today, according to the Real Clear Politics Average.
  • As Clinton’s lead in the Democrat primary has evaporated, Democrats have begun to worry that socialist Senator Bernie Sanders could become the nominee, and imperil down ballot candidates.
  • But recent polling in NY-03, a swing district in Long Island, shows that sharing a ballot with Clinton could be just as detrimental. When the prospect of a Clinton presidency was mentioned, the Republican lead on the generic ballot increased from +4 to +5.

NRCC COMMENT: “This latest information on the Clinton email scandal underscores how little regard Hillary Clinton had for federal law and our National Security when she served as Secretary of State. Whether Democrats nominate a candidate facing potential criminal charges in Clinton, or a self-described socialist in Bernie Sanders, House Democrats should be very worried about the top of the ticket dragging them down in November.” – Bob Salera, NRCC Spokesman


IG: Some Emails on Clinton’s Server Were Beyond Top Secret. “McCullough sent the letter in response to inquiries from congressional committees. ‘To date, I have received two sworn declarations from one (intelligence community) element,’ the letter said. ‘These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the confidential, secret and top secret/sap levels.’ Intelligence officials say that special access programs are more classified than just top secret because they are about highly sensitive programs and could reveal sources of information.” (Deb Riechmann, “IG: Some Emails on Clinton's Server Were Beyond Top Secret,” ABC News, 1/19/16)

Former U.S. Attorneys Predict Criminal Charges in FBI’s Probe of Clinton Server. “’I expect the FBI to conclude the investigation within 60 to 90 days and make a recommendation to the Justice Department, and I believe they will recommend a series of charges involving the classified information,’ said Joseph DiGenova, who was U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia during the Reagan administration.” (Alana Goodman, “Former U.S. Attorneys Predict Criminal Charges in FBI’s Probe of Clinton Server,” Free Beacon, 1/15/16)

Clinton’s lead is evaporating, and anxious Democrats see 2008 all over again. “What seemed recently to be a race largely controlled by Clinton has turned into a neck-and-neck contest with voting set to begin in less than three weeks. On Capitol Hill and in state party headquarters, some Democrats worry that a Sanders nomination could imperil candidates down the ballot in swing districts and states.” (Paul Kane, “Clinton’s lead is evaporating, and anxious Democrats see 2008 all over again,” Washington Post, 1/15/16)

Key Poll Findings – New York Congressional District 3 Survey - Harper Polling: 1/12/16

Real Clear Politics – Clinton: Favorable/Unfavorable RCP Average

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