Holder Wants a Kiss and Make Up Session With the Media

Eric Holder wants to hold a special "mend the fences" meeting with all of the mainstream news media. He wants the meetings to begin tomorrow and run through the week next week as he plans to divide the news agencies up for the meetings. He is also still wanting to control the tone of the meetings, which means the media cannot ask him any questions about what has happened and why it happened.

The Associated Press and New York Times say they are not interested in attending an off the record briefing. Fox news was still in the deciding mode. CNN is refusing to attend if its off the record. My question to any news agency contemplating this would be, “Why would you agree to go into a meeting controlled by a thug who has clearly violated the law repeatedly while in office and you have no options regarding the tone of the meeting, questions asked or reporting about it afterward?” I have never agreed to do an interview with anyone who insisted on controlling the content in advance.

I think all of the media should refuse to participate with the excuse that he is currently under investigation. Holder needs to be less concerned about the new media and its perception of him and more concerned about answering to the American people for what he has done.

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