House Democrats Pass Partisan Child Care Legislation

Last week, Congress passed two pieces of legislation that put more power into the hands of Washington bureaucrats instead of working with Republicans on an issue where there is common ground.  Child care is essential to getting our economy going again, but these Democrat bills are not the answer.  They call for unnecessary spending to combat this challenge and the bills were developed without any Republican input.

H.R. 7327, the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act, authorizes more than $165 billion over 10 years.  This includes expanding a tax credit passed in March that originally covered wages to nannies and other caregivers, but under this bill would include butlers, maids, and gardeners for wealthy families.  There is also no provision in this tax credit to safeguard payments from fraud and abuse, like requiring recipient Tax ID’s or social security numbers to receive the benefits.

The second bill, H.R. 7027, the No Care for Children Act, appropriates $50 billion for child care centers, which is higher than the entire current annual revenue of the child care industry.  It places overly burdensome regulations on providers, which could lead to providers spending more time and money applying and reporting on funds than serving children.  It also denies support to certain eligible providers, such as churches and faith-based groups that are operating legally and meet all state and local requirements.


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