House Lawsuit Against Obamacare

On Friday, the House of Representatives officially filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration for its unprecedented overreach. The lawsuit specifically challenges two facets of Obamacare: the two unlawful delays of the employer mandate, and the insurance subsidies the government hands out outside of the congressional appropriations process.

The Administration is “enforcing” rules that Congress didn’t include in the law – in fact, they’re acting outside of the law entirely. The lawyer taking our case, Jonathan Turley, summed up the arguments before the House Rules Committee and on his personal blog. While Mr. Turley has been described as a “liberal lawyer” and has supported President Obama in the past, he realizes the Constitution and our system of checks and balances trump politics. I voted for the resolution to authorize the lawsuit in July, and I fully support the action we took on Friday to officially challenge the President’s power grab in the courts.


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