House Republicans Continue Effort to Mitigate Threats from the Chinese Communist Party

Every day China is expanding their influence around the world as part of its attempts to weaken the United States and our allies.  From stealing corporate intellectual property to infiltrating our government and universities, they do everything they can to cause harm to the United States.  Recognizing this threat, House Republicans launched the China Task Force which focuses on meaningful solutions to address the aggressive actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This week, I cosponsored H.R. 7937, the Countering CCP Malign Influence Act.  This legislation fully funds the Countering Chinese Influence Fund to provide dedicated resources to counter malign CCP activities and ensures that the Fund is directed by an appropriate regional expert. 

It is unfortunate that House Democrats do not seem to take the threat of the CCP seriously.  They have constantly ignored legislative proposals issued by the China Task Force and have not participated in any of the hearings to address this rising threat to our national security.  The CCP threat will continue to grow until Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues agree to act on important legislative solutions like H.R. 7937


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