House Republicans Unveil Bold Agenda to Restore Balance of Powers, Reassert Congress' Unique Constitutional Role

I released the following statement regarding the Article I Task Force’s bold agenda to restore the balance of powers and reassert Congress’ unique constitutional role.

Since President Obama took office we have seen the size and scope of government grow at an alarming rate. Spending in Washington is out of control, unelected bureaucrats are making uninformed decisions that directly impact the day-to-day lives of Americans and this administration continues to work under the impression that more government and more bureaucracy is the answer. The President has systematically worked around Congressional intent and the rule of law to achieve his goals.

House Republicans recognize that the biggest threat to our freedom is a big federal government and that is why we have been working to make the House more efficient and more effective. This task force has diligently worked to produce common sense solutions to reestablish and enforce limits on agency authority, reform the rulemaking process, exercise the power of the purse and increase oversight of the executive branch. While there are no silver bullets, I believe if we work together as a team to resolve these issues we will be able to effectively restore the balance of power and reassert our constitutional role to better serve the American people.

For more information about A Better Way and to read the Task Force on Restoring Constitutional Authority's plan, click here.


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