Houston Chronicle Endorses Turner While On Its Front Page Tells Us Why He Needs To Go

In the "You Can't Make This Up" department, the Houston Chronicle announces support for Sylvester Turner for Mayor while on its front page tells us "Rocky Roads Ahead - Years of Underfunded Maintenance Leave Houston Task of Improvement in a Deep Rut" - so if you review TCR's 2019 Houston Mayoral Edition, all the big deal problems, flooding, potholes, congestion, homelessness and corruption are up significantly under Mayor Turner. Thus, the case for voting him out is clearer than ever. The intellectually bankrupt editorial board ignores the facts and endorses him. We expected no less.

Fortunately, we have a real choice. Quite frankly, the choices are all better than what we have now.

If we fail to replace our failed Mayor, in the years to come we will all regret awarding another term to Mayor Turner.

Quite simply, are we better off today than we were four years ago on Houston's serious challenges? You know the answer, you live it every day.


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