In The Houston Mayor's Race, Turner Doesn't Want Your Support, Don't Give It To Him - Vote Tony Buzbee

In the Houston Mayor runoff on December 14, 2019, one thing is clear - Sylvester Turner is doing all he can to make partisan a non-partisan race. In the modern history of Houston elections, Turner is the first candidate running to increase the partisan divide in Houston.

In recent history, Mayors Annise Parker and Bill White both ran as above partisanship candidates, seeking and winning votes from both political party's members while trying to unite the City. Turner thinks naked partisanship - this time Democratic - is the way to go. He and his decades-old political hacks like Sheila Jackson-LeeAl GreenChris Bell and Rodney Ellis all have been in, or sought, political office for a generation at least. During their time in political office, ask yourself, have things improved in Houston in the areas of flooding, congestion, infrastructure, public safety, schools, or the homeless among us? The short answer is no. We all know these career politicians are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Since Turner doesn't want Conservative/Republican votes, we should give him none. This year, there is an independent candidate dedicated to solving our city's problems - Tony Buzbee. He has been seeking to unite, not divide, the City, and is seeking votes everywhere.

He has specific plans to move us ahead and is open to good ideas regardless of the political affiliation of the source. He sees all our citizens of Houston as important and isn't excluding anyone because of their political party affiliation.

Tony Buzbee believes there is not necessarily a conservative or liberal way to handle the basics in Houston, just the most efficient, effective way for the City to deliver essential services without the culture of corruption that permeates Turner's City Hall.

There is just one choice for common sense voters; it is to get Houston moving forward with Tony Buzbee, so that the next four years will be better than the last four years.

TCR's Houston Runoff Election 2019 Voters Guide and TCR's Candidate Questionnaire are online, please review them for the best-qualified candidates to lead Houston.


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