Houston, We Have a Problem

You've heard about the Confederate Statues being torn down in other areas of the United States. Seems that the Spirit of the Confederacy statue in Houston is not immune to that same fate. Mayor Sylvester Turner has just agreed TODAY to launch a study of confederate statues. "The mayor commented about the statues Tuesday at a City Council meeting after members of the public urged the city to remove the statues from its public spaces because, they said, the statues honor slavery and racism."

Now, of course, he doesn't specify how many members of the public urged the city to remove the statues. That could mean four or forty people. If the statue is removed, it sets a dangerous precedent for other historical markers and statues. We've seen fights that the ACLU and other organizations have waged against Christian monuments, demanding that war memorials be removed because they were offensive. One that I remember in particular was a cross that was a WWI memorial in the middle of the desert. It has since been saved through court battles.

This is not a decision to be made unilaterally, though. The Mayor needs to hear from YOU. Public comments may be sent to the following email address: [email protected] Heck, why not email the mayor directly at [email protected].

Remember, government goes to those who show up!


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