Hurd Introduces Legislation Allowing National Park Service to Expand Big Bend National Park

I yesterday introduced H.R. 8093: To adjust the boundary of Big Bend National Park in the State of Texas. H.R. 8093 would allow the National Park Service (NPS) to acquire land from willing private property owners via sale or donation to expand Big Bend National Park 6,100 acres.

Big Bend National Park is an iconic piece of America that shows our country’s beauty, history and incredible environmental value. With H.R. 8093, the National Park Service would be allowed to expand this awe-inspiring park an additional 6,100 acres. Not only would this provide protection for this land, but it would also give Americans even more area to respect and appreciate. This boundary change would protect the very rare and unique Terlingua Watershed, some of the most important fossil bearing rocks in Big Bend and ruins of pioneer homesteads of both Anglos and Hispanics. I hope my colleagues will support this legislation that will preserve some of America’s most beautiful land for future generations to appreciate. 

H.R. 8093 would allow a willing landowner to fulfill their dream of incorporating their land into Big Bend National Park, and simultaneously allow NPS to acquire additional land for Big Bend. Private landowner rights would not be affected by inclusion into the park’s boundary. Landowners who choose to incorporate their land would be able to partner with the park services on cooperative conservation partnerships. 

Hurd serves as co-chair for the Congressional Caucus on National Parks and represents eight national parks and historic sites in Congress.


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