I Have Seen The Enemy, And It Is Us

Insurance and other companies are clients where customers are king. Government is our master since it has long broken free of the constraints of constitutionally enumerated powers and actually abandoned its duty to protect life, liberty and property.

Property is not only confiscated at the point of a gun (don’t pay your taxes and people with guns will come soon enough), but the working assumption is that government PERMITS you to keep any of it. And what they PERMIT you to keep is GOVERNMENT’S gift to YOU. And if you disagree about this gift to YOU or the many THOUSANDS of things government pronounces and imposes on society, your liberty is theirs for the taking too.

And life? Well for decades now, government has MANDATED that facilities in your community and state be permitted to practice the extinguishing of pre-nascent human life. What magic transpires at birth to make human life suddenly sacred is rather a mystery to some of us. I always say that a society that assimilates the idea that the lives of ITS OWN OFFSPRING is a matter of personal convenience, is sick unto death. That presumption of ultimate selfishness will manifest itself in every manner of uncivil selfish presumption.

Also, now that you and yours have surrendered control of your health care, rationing of your care is now the province of government. Our lives are now a matter of cost=benefit calculation of a strange and probably distant (and IGNORANT) bureaucracy.

BUT!... Don’t blame government! The distracted and lazy sovereign people have willingly surrendered their power. So far, most of us still work for bread. And in this technological age, there is no end of circuses. I cut at the American people without apology. Guilt is in action or neglect. In their neglect as sovereign of a free and moral society, they have earned dissection.


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