ICYMI: Brady on Houston Newsmakers

This weekend, I joined KPRC’s Khambrel Marshall for my “Houston Newsmakers” feature. Click here or below to watch the full interview.

On the Democrat’s impeachment obsession:

I think that people have been discouraged by what has happened in the impeachment process. It’s the first partisan impeachment ever, rushed through the House, no due process or rights for the President. I was there with the President Clinton impeachment and it was dramatically different from that. I think the country saw it for what it was, efforts to tear down the President, and damage him for the election…  I think the whole country is ready for us to start working together on things that will actually help families.

On Ways and Means Committee efforts to end surprise medical billing: 

Chairman Neal - who is the new Chairman of Ways and Means from Massachusetts - and I authored a bill that bans surprise medical bills. When you go to the emergency room you should never be taken advantage of…  we are going to force insurance companies, doctors and hospitals to work out their payments and leave the patient out of it. Under this law for the first time, every patient who schedules a procedure will get a true and honest bill in advance of that procedure.

On bipartisanship in Congress:

I think there is more common ground in the country, and I think frankly that we’re a lot more of a caring and optimistic country, than the national tv shows. We are not angry and hateful and name-calling at home, that’s where I have a lot of faith.


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