ICYMI: Milei shows us spending cuts can be done

On Thursday, Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) penned an op-ed in the Washington Examiner urging Republicans to push for spending cuts.

Some key quotes are below:

  • “Argentinian President Javier Milei has done something truly astounding — something American politicians have universally failed to do. He delivered on a campaign promise to cut deficits.”
  • “But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can still deliver on our promise to the public and cut spending by simply leveraging the existing, bipartisan FRA caps. All we have to do is pass a full-year continuing resolution at current funding levels through Sept. 30.”
  • “Most importantly, the cuts would be focused on the spending behind Biden’s war on the liberty, prosperity, and security of the people.”
  • “This plan would mean a real, measurable policy win. If we throw that work away, we will not only have wasted our own time and efforts, but we will also have walked away from the people we are supposed to be fighting for.”
  • “Our reckless spending is bankrupting our country and fueling a weaponized government at war with our way of life.”

The op-ed, along with the congressman’s December memo on the matter, have also been sent to the House Republican conference ahead of next week’s funding deadline.


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