If They Believe This Poll, Democrats Are Doomed

I’m not sure who is the chief propaganda officer for the Democrats, but what a prankster!

For Democrats to believe they will win the House in the mid-terms is akin to Joy Behar being the next Bachelorette. Or perhaps Whoopi Goldberg modeling for Versace in the next Fashion Week. 

According to Fox News, Democrats have a reason to be optimistic. I suggest their poll results may be more from Fox News viewers playing games, than reality for Democrats.

In order to take over the House, Democrats need to flip 24 seats. And they hold on to any hope of doing so.

Fox News polling suggests reason why the Democrats may take the House:

  • President Trump’s low approval rating (41 percent).
  • The low rating of the GOP tax law (40 percent) compared to Obamacare (51 percent).
  • The low rating of the Republican Party (39 percent favorable) compared to the 50 percent favorable rating of the Democratic Party.
  • There is greater enthusiasm to vote in the midterms among out-of-power Democrats.

To begin, the president’s approval rating is much higher than 41 percent. And a tax law that continues to give money back to taxpayers is less popular than a law that now prevents half the country from going to their doctor? Negro, PLEASE!

While the GOP numbers are low, don’t believe the Democrats’ approval rating. 50 percent approval is a pipe dream…a crack pipe dream at that.

The idea that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mad Max Waters are more popular than Republicans is ridiculous. Ask yourself what Democrats are being asked to campaign with or for others? Any request for ANY Democrat icon, active or not to campaign with other Democrats? The Democrats’ god, Obama isn’t even being asked to campaign.

Yet, the Democrats supposedly have an “enthusiasm gap”?

Exactly what would excite America about Democrats? The Trump economy? The Trump foreign policy successes? The Trump tax cuts?

Yet, the article continues,

Sabato’s Crystal Ball – a leading elections forecaster – in late July gave Democrats a greater than 50 percent chance to reclaim the chamber, which has been a Republican majority since the first half of President Barack Obama’s first term.

For the Conservative weak, I offer a few things to consider before you leap off the ledge.

First, don’t believe any polls that show Trump losing. Remember the polls that had Hillary Clinton winning? These are the same pollsters telling us that Trump polls low. The fact is, Trump is more popular than when he was elected by at least 8 points. That alone poses major problems for the Left.

Second, polling shows that Democrats continue to leave their party. Worse yet, black and Latino Democrats are migrating the fastest. Add to them Millennials and women, and you understand my optimism.

Blacks are said to have moved from 9 percent to over 36 percent approval of Trump. The president only needed less than a 3 percent movement of the black vote to wreak havoc with Democrats.

Democrats depend on longshots that have no chance of anything coming to fruition. Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Mad Max’s cries for impeachment, Russian collusion, Cohen, Manafort, racism, Trump University, #MeToo, and so on. None of it will work.

I suggest that this poll is a prank. It is steeped in fake news, which as we know Leftists love.

Despite all signs showing that Hillary Clinton would lose, Leftists clung to hope. After all, Obama had won again in 2012 against all odds. The Left relied on their polls and their “gut feelings”, and of course their plot against Donald Trump. But the Russians didn’t work then, and they won’t work now. Because America knows what success looks and feels like.

No more snake oil salesmen. Trump is the real deal.


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