Immigration or Invasion?

The American people are being ‘played’.  Our society (along with others in the west) has fallen victim to social engineering.  Far too many people in this country (and Europe) want to ‘feel good‘.  And evil today is happily praying on those people.  They are allowing the Left to destroy what has taken over 200 years to create.

What’s at stake is: our standard of living; our current level of safety and security with the protection of our police; and a peaceful way of life.  If this group is allowed into America, how are our police going to deal with even more issues with less people to address the additional criminal element.  Police are now being demoralized by not only the bad people, but by the ‘good people’ as well.  Police are retiring in droves to escape the stress of hate received from their neighbors.  The younger generation does not wish to subject themselves to that same stress thus leading to an even greater shortage.  As a consequence, many police agencies are severely lacking in head-count.

The video below shows who the ‘migrants’ are and where they are coming from.  And, it demonstrates via the ‘migrants’ own words why they are coming here.  Many of those, in the thousands of people (mob), are afraid for their lives while in Mexico because of the criminal element from within the ‘migrants’.  The vast majority are coming here for money — free money.  Can you imagine what impact these people will have on this country we supposedly love..?  Some Americans, apparently not so much.

All of this is being orchestrated by those with a LOT of money — the elites, not the middle class American who is trying to build a life for their family in an environment that supports success — not failure.  For example, George Soros sponsors an organization called ‘People without borders’ — you’ll see it referenced in the video.

The destruction of America is the goal — to accommodate the globalist agenda — world socialism.  If you don’t believe it, just wait a few years.  If we stay on this path, we’re as doomed as the Roman Empire thousands of years ago.  Basically for the same reasons.

And you wonder why our president has a problem with Mexico.  While reading a government report recently, I learned that among all of the countries in the world, Honduras has the worst homicide rate and the distinction of being #1!  Isn’t it reasonable to assume that some of those in the caravan are murders?  Check out the police escorts of these criminals as they travel during their ‘journey’.  Thank you Mexico!!?

If America continues to ignore what is right in front of them, they deserve the punishment they receive in the end — the loss of the greatest country in world history.

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