Inauguration Day

Today, I attended the inauguration ceremonies for the 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, and Vice President Kamala D. Harris. 

I am proud to have worked side-by-side with President Trump to enact historic tax reform, free and fair trade with Mexico and Canada, the repeal of the ObamaCare mandate and taxes, a ban on surprise medical bills, and the first reform of the IRS in two decades. His policy achievements have lifted working families across America. 

And now, I want to congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris as they assume office. We must move forward together to focus on the tasks facing our nation; defeating COVID-19, rebuilding our economy and getting back to normal as quickly as possible.

To help families recover, we need to make sure Washington doesn’t rob more of their paychecks through tax increases - making permanent the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will add 1.5 million more jobs and helps working families meet their monthly budgets. 

We should work together to make America medically independent from China in crucial medicines, medical supplies, ingredients and technology. 

We must work together to make health care and medicines more affordable through greater choice and more cures. And we should continue our bipartisan work to help workers and families save more for retirement, especially those with low incomes and who work for small business.


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