The Iran Tapes, This Is A Really Big Deal

One would expect President Obama's apologists to call the incredible acquisition of thousands of documents related to the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program no big deal, but it is a monumental deal. The trove of 55,000 pages and 183 compact discs were taken from a warehouse in Tehran.

So far, only a small portion has been revealed and more will be coming as it is translated and analyzed.

Also significant, is that these documents existed at all and they were in a warehouse away from the eyes of the international inspectors. Observers realize that the reason the documents were hidden was to hide the military aspects of the nuclear program from the world.

It's clear once again the agreement with Iran was a con game. It has resulted in an increasing chance of a major confrontation between Iran, the U.S and Israel.

One wonders today what the heck did President Obama think he was getting?


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