It Can And Has Happened Here: Ballot Fraud In Texas, It's Time To Tighten Our Laws

Despite the suppression of the story of fraud in our last election by the mainstream media, it in fact did occur. It could have been enough to swing elections!

In Texas, we dodged a bullet. The operatives behind Stacey Abrams' ballot shenanigans and lawsuits in Georgia were trying here too.

Here, some of the things they were up to:

  1. Ballot by mail fraud, massive mailing of unsolicited ballots to voters whether dead or alive, resident or not. No proof of voter identification, ballot harvesters collecting ballots and/or voting for them, and ballots get lost in the mail. FYI, this is what Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis tried to pull off through his handpicked tool, acting Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins, seeking to mail 2.4 million unsolicited ballots.
  2. Don't purge the voter rolls of the dead and those who moved out of county.
  3. Fraud in ballot counting by illegal curing like in Wisconsin where if the witness' signature and address is missing, ballot wasn't to count. Yet they were "fixing ballots" for Democrats, but not Republicans!
  4. Fraud in voting machines and computer manipulation to add votes to favored candidates and take them away from opposed candidates.

We need to significantly strengthen our voting laws to ensure one person, one vote, one time.


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