It’s Time to Confirm Kavanaugh

Today at a press conference, I discussed Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court. 

More is at stake than just this nomination and the Supreme Court. The Senate itself is on trial here. A vote against Judge Kavanaugh tomorrow will be an endorsement of the mishandling of this confirmation process.

A vote against Judge Kavanaugh tomorrow will be a vote for abusing the confirmation process and a good person, and it will be a vote for the shameful intimidation tactics that have been employed as part of an orchestrated smear campaign.

This could have all been avoided, most of the embarrassment to Dr. Ford and the public, circus-like atmosphere, if the ranking member had just made the allegations known in the regular process and could have been investigated, as I said, in way that would have protected her and her confidentiality.

So now is the time to quit all of these antics, these hijinks, this circus-like atmosphere and we’ll do that Saturday when we finally vote to confirm this good man to this important position.


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