The Jonathan Stickland Hypocrisy File

State Representative Jonathan Stickland is campaigning for reelection to Texas House District 92, which comprises a portion of Tarrant County and spans suburban Fort Worth. The following is a running list of the hypocrisies Stickland should be held accountable for.

Rep. Jonathan Stickland's online history exposes hypocrisy as he denied marital rape exists and tried cheating a drug test

  • While Represenative Stickland claims to be a proponent for the strengthening of family values, the New York Daily Post points to a comment in a fantasy football league where Stickland writes, “Rape is non existent in marriage, take what you want my friend!" Just a few months after the rape comment, he asks for advice on how to cheat a drug test and discusses taking a "detox drink," and hiding it from his wife. 

Reports surface exposing Rep. Jonathan Stickland's online history as he looked for a smoking buddy and sought advice on how to grow marijuana 

  • Representative Stickland asserts that he represents the Christian conservative values of his constituents, but reports have surfaced where Stickland said he is "looking for a smoking buddy" in order to "smoke da green." He took this hobby further with a post on the Seedmine forum, a network for cannabis seedbanks and breeders, where he solicited help on how to grow his own marijuana.



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