Keeping Washington out of Your Healthcare Decisions

Every week, I hear stories about how the President’s failed healthcare law hurts Texans. I hear about plans being dropped, increased deductibles and skyrocketing premiums. Real healthcare reform would lower costs, improve access, and raise the quality of healthcare. Real healthcare reform would place health care decisions in the hands of doctors and their patients, not unaccountable Washington bureaucrats. Congress has a lot of work to do in fixing our healthcare system. It starts with repealing Obamacare. On February 3rd, with my support, the House passed H.R. 596, doing just that.

The President can threaten to veto actions taken by Congress all he wants, but the fact remains clear. The voters sent a message to Washington during last November’s election, making it clear that they are fed up with the President’s failed policies. Repealing Obamacare is a start. I look forward to finding solutions that eliminate the burdens placed on both individuals and businesses and enacting solutions that puts more money in people’s pockets and giving them more healthcare choices.


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