Korean War Veteran Sam Johnson Statement on North Korea Peace Talks

In response to the news that North and South Korea intend to work toward a formal end to the Korean War and dismantle the North Korean nuclear program, I – the last Korean War veteran in Congress – released the following statement:

As a veteran who fought in Korea and Vietnam, I have seen the horrors of war firsthand.  And as a POW for nearly seven years, I have experienced living without individual liberty.  I absolutely want peace and freedom for ALL Koreans, and I hope and pray that North Korea holds true to its promises, including denuclearization. At the same time, we must be mindful about the North Korean regime’s two-faced track record and proceed with great caution. We owe this to the brave service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Korean peninsula and all those who have helped defend South Korea in the decades since the Armistice. Above all, any deal should not make it harder to address future North Korean aggression if the regime fails to keep its word. We still have a long and uncertain road ahead to peace. If Kim Jong-un wants our trust, he will need to earn it. I will be watching North Korea closely over the coming weeks and months to see if his actions match his words.    



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