LAWLESSNESS on MAY 6 BALLOT in San Antonio, Texas

There will be Lawlessness on the May 6 Ballot for San Antonio citizens.  On Thursday, February 16, 2023 the San Antonio City Council voted to place the “Justice Policy” as an amendment to the city charter on the May election ballot.  There is no doubt that IF this initiative Proposition A passes there will be bedlam and anarchism in San Antonio.  It’s curious that a city already listed in Texas as having the second highest crime rate would actually want an increase in the crime rate.   That’s precisely what this Justice Policy will accomplish.  

Citizens beware: what the “Justice Policy charter” change will bring to an already crime ridden city. Vote NO in May. 

Decriminalizing marijuana and abortion only the legislative process can change these already established laws. The same as driving without a valid driver’s license. 

Further, this Justice policy would release individuals who steal up to $750.00 in merchandize or services from businesses, causing the consumer to pay higher prices for goods and services.  Imagine the graffiti throughout the city if individuals are “allowed” to vandalize less than $2,500.  It could very well be your fence or your building that will be affected and you will be burdened to pay for the cleanup. 

Do not be so naïve as to believe what the San Antonio City Council and the media which includes Express News, KENS and other media are peddling.  It is in fact just another way to encourage the criminal element to run wild.  Give the criminals an inch and they will take a mile.

According to the Justice Policy petition, it would restrict police authority to arrest for: • All Class C misdemeanors, • Possession of controlled substance less than 4 oz. synthetic cannabinoids, • Driving while license invalid, • Theft of property less than $750, • Theft of service less than $750, • Contraband in a correctional facility, • Graffiti with damage less than $2500, and • Criminal mischief with damage less than $750.

Proposition A which is the Justice Policy includes:


Eliminate the enforcement of low level marijuana offenses


Ban chokeholds by SAPD in ANY instance forever

03. BAN NO KNOCK WARRANTS   Ban the use of dangerous no knock warrants except in extreme dangerous cases (such as hostage situation or exigent life circumstances)- where extensive procedure is laid out for accountability and transparency

04. CITE AND RELEASE   Make the use of citations and the diversion program for low level misdemeanors permanent

05. DECRIMINALIZATION OF ABORTION   SAPD officers shall not be responsible for enforcing the statewide law

06. CREATION OF A JUSTICE DIRECTOR   Oversee the implementation of this policy and make sure future city policy follows with the purpose of this section to reduce unnecessary arrests, promote police accountability, and save scarce city resources- especially those related to public safety

Decriminalizing abortion and marijuana possession are the centerpieces. The 13-page charter amendment would also make existing policies permanent, like the cite-and-release program, and bans on chokeholds and no-knock warrants -- and even expand some of them. Interesting is the fact that that the city attorney said that some of the changes couldn’t be enforced.

While sensible voices were heard from some citizens at the council meeting, the illogical voices won with a vote of 7-0 with three cowards, District 8 Manny Pelaez, District 9 Clayton Perry and District 10 John Courage, left the chambers before the vote. These council members who should have the best interests of their constituents left without voting.  There is no excuse for their conduct.  This maneuver was a planned tactic to have a unanimous vote for the ballot initiative.

San Antonio Family Association filed a petition in the Texas Supreme Court to bar the initiative from being on the ballot, but to no avail.   The Court ruled that it would be allowed on the May 6 ballot in spite of the fact that the deadline was missed and it was not a single-issue initiative.

It is time to vigorously enforce the laws that are now in place rather than pander to the criminal element.  Early voting starts on April 27 and ends on May 2.  There is enough time for citizens to ring the bell and alert their family, friends and neighbors to VOTE NO for Proposition A.  There is only ONE OPTION:  Voters must VOTE NO!  The temptation would be too great for some individuals causing harm to their souls.  Vote NO on Proposition A!  That’s what JESUS would do!






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