The Least Transparent President

This week, the true extent of President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents became even more evident. I’ve been working to ensure the president is held accountable for his actions and will continue fighting to ensure our Justice system treats all Americans equally, regardless of political affiliation. 

Not only did President Biden keep documents containing our nation's secrets in his home’s unsecured garage and his office at the University of Pennsylvania, but he also refused to maintain visitor logs at his residence to keep the American people from knowing who had access to those classified documents. I was the first Member of Congress to call for the release of those visitor logs, which we now know do not exist.

It has become clear the Penn Biden Center, where Joe Biden maintained an office after his time as Vice-President, likely took donations from Chinese entities while simultaneously storing classified documents. President Biden’s mishandling of our nation’s secrets is more serious than President Trump’s alleged crimes, yet there was no televised FBI raid of our current president’s home and office. The hypocrisy of our federal law enforcement agencies is staggering.

Take my survey below and keep reading for more information on the actions I’ve taken this week to hold the Biden Regime accountable.


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