Liberal SA Express News labels Congressman, “A powerful Lamar Smith”

It’s not every day that a liberal paper like the San Antonio Express News calls a Republican “powerful” but it did! If you have ever met with Congressman Lamar Smith then you know that he is a mild mannered, polite man. In fact, a former Smith campaign manager, June Deason, described him as a man that “doesn’t shoot his mouth off and make asinine statements.” This is precisely why he is such a valuable representative to Congressional District 21. And why he has earned the respect of his colleagues and constituents.

Presently he proudly serves as Chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over programs of NASA, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National institute of Standards and Technology. Congressman Smith is the former Judiciary Committee Chairman. He continues to serve on the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees.

Congressman Smith has been under attack from liberals because of his stance on ‘climate change’. Gilbert Garcia, SA Express News columnist, described Smith as having a “chilling effect on scientific research.” Garcia’s corny comment tells us he has forgotten Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’. It’s been 10 years since Gore promoted his ‘truth’ at Sundance and the only truth is that Gore got rich. What about the ‘truth’ scandals of ‘fudging data’ by ‘real’ scientists? Maybe it is time we address the reality of ‘transparency’ in scientific research of ‘global warming’. Smith introduced Secret Science Reform Act, a bill that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from proposing, finalizing, or disseminating regulations or assessments based upon science that is not transparent or reproducible, and that is what ‘scared’ the Liberals into running in all directions. Congressman Smith asked for ‘truth’.

Garcia should drop his head in shame asking of all people, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Democrat from Dallas about Smith’s stance on climate change since she has no moral compass, much less any knowledge of ‘truth’. In 2010 she admittedly violated the rules of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation by awarding college scholarship funds in the thousands to her family members.

Congressman Smith continues to be a source of strength to his CD21. He voted against the Omnibus Bill when so many Texas congressmen betrayed their constituents and voted to fund Planned Parenthood and grow our debt. Yes the oil embargo was lifted, but at what price, and besides how long do you think the Arab countries will let America export oil to their detriment?

Congressman Smith is being ‘stalked’ by a control hungry challenger lurking in the shadows desperately wanting to replace him. The opponent’s financial report tells the story of meager contributions, lacking grassroots support and struggling to muster volunteers to help him by ‘paying’ for block walkers and simple grassroots tasks. More importantly, the opponent’s bullying tactics are well known and his ability to comprehend basic knowledge of the issues should be troubling to all voters in CD21.

Right now Congressman Smith is working hard for his constituents doing what he was elected to do, voting prolife, defunding Planned Parenthood, stopping sanctuary cities, preventing the refugee invasion and many more critical issues that affect our lives and livelihoods. He is definitely an asset to his district. CD 21 not only needs Lamar Smith to continue his vital commitment, but deserves to have a dependable representative constituents can respect. Let’s return Mr. Smith to Washington!

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

S.A. congressman blinded by science on climate change


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