Local May Elections Are Underway...GOTV!

Hello out there all of you beautiful people!  It's TPC back to write about a topic that I could 'write' about with my eyes shut!  Can you guess what it is? If you guessed local, unheard of elections, then you guessed correctly!  And the crowd cheers wildly with excitement...or not.

This is a super timely post for super important elections!  As I mentioned local, unheard of elections are like a gold mine for candidates in said races because of the low voter turn out.  If you follow the Lincoln four-step method to campaigns, that is.

1. Obtain a complete list of all voters.

2. Ascertain with certainty for whom each will vote.

3. Have the undecided spoken to by those in whom they have the most confidence.

4. On Election Day, make sure every Whig gets to the polls.

I happen to be working on one of these low-voter turn out, unheard of races for a Houston City Council position in District K, which I've already written about right here on this little blog.  And we're doing the Lincoln four-step as best as we can on a little budget and an even smaller amount of volunteers.   The beauty of it is, we could potentially win or make it into a runoff!

So, now that I have your attention, the election is happening NOW!.  Like, early voting started last Monday!  If you live in District K and you don't know where to go and vote, please be sure to visit www.harrisvotes.org to find out!

Several other elections are going on besides just the District K race, ones that I refer to as Local Government Matters: Pockets of Power.  I've included the link on the title so I don't have to repeat myself.  ISD's, ESD's, City Council races and many other taxing authorities   So, if you want a small portion of the electorate deciding how your tax dollars are spent, then please, stay home.  However, if you want to have a say, then you've got to show up and cast a vote!  I have faith that you'll choose the latter!  Happy Voting!


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