Long Record of Accomplishments in 115th Congress

In the last week days, we have accomplished three major things: water infrastructure, funding cold case prosecutions, and filling Justice Kennedy's seat on the United States Supreme Court.

But our record of success is much lengthier than that.

On top of that, we have confirmed 69 judges under President Trump. That includes three Texas judges on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and four that preside over Texas district courts.

This started with tax reform, which has been the biggest game changer. This was the first major overhaul of the tax code in 31 years. It lowered rates, doubled the child tax credit to help working families, and made American businesses more internationally competitive.

One of our accomplishments has been repealing burdensome regulations.

We have repealed the Independent Payment Advisory Board under Obamacare, which will allow seniors and their families to take greater control of their health care decisions without being subject to the whims of unelected bureaucrats. And we've eliminated the root of Obamacare, the individual mandate.

We've helped restore America's defense with the greatest investment in the military in decades, including the largest troop pay raise in nearly ten years. We've reauthorized important intelligence-gathering tools like Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a vital tool in tracking foreign terrorists abroad who try to hurt us at home. And for our veterans, we passed the VA Mission Act,which will make significant reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs by strengthening health care and community care options that are available to those who have served our nation in uniform.

We've done important work in terms of improving public safety by enacting a bill that I sponsored and that was supported by our colleagues here called Fix NICS.

The Fix NICS bill helps fix our broken background check system and ensures that criminals aren't able to purchase or possess firearms after they’re convicted. In the wake of the Texas shootings at Santa Fe and Sutherland Springs, we know there were a lot of people crying out for Congress to do something. And this was the one thing we could all agree to on a bipartisan basis, across the ideological spectrum.

I’m hopeful that after we've seen the scenes we saw here last week during the confirmation proceedings for the Supreme Court that the American people will reject that sort of conduct and demand that their elected officials act in a way they can be proud of.

Yes, we put money back in America's pocket. We rolled back regulations to make their lives a little bit easier. We strengthened our military, given our veterans access to better health care, and protected our communities from harm.

It's my sincere hope that they will remember some of these accomplishments that we have made together during this Administration and that we can continue to do more for them in the future.


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