Looking Ahead

The new Congress and Republican Senate will be sworn in on January, 6, 2015, but until then, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. The government needs to be funded beyond December 11th, certain tax extenders need to be addressed, we must continue our work fighting against ISIL in the Middle East, and we need to push back against the President’s immigration executive order that went so far out of bounds.

When we begin the 114th Congress in January, we’ll have a bigger Republican majority in the House, and a Republican majority in the Senate. That’s great news for fiscal responsibility, government accountability, and free market policies. But I want to manage expectations. As Republicans, we can and will pass legislation in Congress that addresses Obamacare and funds the government responsibly, while also making America stronger at home and abroad. I am excited about the many opportunities before us. But, here’s where expectations are important; we can pass legislation out of the House and Senate, but our President has the constitutional authority to veto legislation sent to him. Overriding a presidential veto requires a 2/3rds majority in both the House and the Senate. Our Republican majorities in the House and Senate are not this big. So, getting legislation signed into law will require compromise between Congress and the President.


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