Loretta Lynch Decision on Clinton Makes a Mockery of our Justice System

It is abundantly clear that Attorney General Lynch has not acted in the best interest of the American people and has not remained neutral throughout this entire investigation. Last week’s secret meeting with Hillary Clinton’s husband and today’s misguided decision to not pursue criminal charges encourages the Clinton’s delusional belief that they are above the law. Hillary Clinton’s gross negligence and extreme carelessness should not be ignored, much less rewarded.

Mrs. Clinton, more than most, knows where the line of legality and illegality lies, yet she repeatedly and deliberately crossed it. I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton broke the law and betrayed the trust of the American people. This absurd decision sets fire to the laws of our nation and shakes the very core of what our country stands for. I am disgusted, disturbed, and outraged at this decision and will fight to ensure that Mrs. Clinton is held accountable for her reckless actions and that our nation’s rule of law is faithfully upheld and restored.


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