Lower Costs, More Cures

Speaker Pelosi’s partisan drug plan, H.R. 3, is Washington at its worst. Aptly called the Fewer Cures Act, this government take-over plan will harm patients and stifle American medical innovation. In fact, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that H.R. 3 will result in at least 38 fewer cures over the next two decades. 

That's at least 38 chances to develop a drug to cure cancer – or Alzheimer’s, MS or ALS – that will never be realized. That’s why I’m fighting to stop this dangerous bill from becoming law, because it rips hope away from those praying for a cure. 

The American people shouldn’t have to choose between lower drug prices and innovative new cures – which is why I recently introduced H.R. 19, the Lower Costs, More Cures Act. H.R. 19 is not a Republican alternative to H.R. 3, rather it is a bicameral, bipartisan plan for Congress to move forward. Our bill will not only lower out-of-pocket costs for Americans but also pull back the curtain on those who set drug prices.

Under H.R. 3, the cure for cancer will never be created – under H.R. 19, the cost of chemotherapy could be cut in half. 


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