Lt. Col. Sean Seibert - Conservative Candidate for 18th Congressional District of Texas

Lt. Col. Sean Seibert for CongressSomewhere along the road of last years move and this years redistricting debacle, I went from being represented in Congress by John Culberson to Sheila Jackson Lee to Ted Poe and now, thanks to some federal judges in San Antonio, back to Sheila Jackson Lee. Yes, I had hoped for a few months that I would become a constituent of Ted Poe, but the judges took their little pen and drew a new line to reach out and lasso me back in. But now I have hope again for conservative representation. That hope is retired Army Lt. Colonel Sean Seibert who is running for Congress to return the 18th Congressional District to return it to the conservative roots established by the late Barbara Jordan when the district was moved from the Texas panhandle to Houston.

Colonel Seibert is a decorated war veteran with solid conservative credentials and principles.  I sat down with him on Friday to let him tell you in his own words, why he is the best candidate to replace Sheila Jackson Lee and bring conservative representation back to the 18th CD.  Seibert explains how the newly drawn lines of the district make it possible for a Republican to win.  With the large early voting turnout in some of the very Republican polling locations in the district, he just might be right.  But only if you do your part and get out to vote on Tuesday!

Sheila Jackson Lee may be one of the easiest members of Congress to poke fun at or attack on the basis of her record and public comments. Seibert has chosen not to take the low hanging fruit by doing that. Rather, he has chosen to take a campaign to the district about what he would do for the district.  Much of the district has been in what "Ladies Can We Talk" author Debbie Georgatos desricbed as a "Super Massive Blue Hole".  This is what happens in a district that has been under the governance of liberal leadership for decades. Liberalism pours in more money after more money, but nothing gets better because the people become dependent on government. Seibert offers all residents of the 18th Congressional District a way out of this hole and back to a more successful road to the future.

Sean Seibert is a fiscal conservative who believes in debt reduction and has a philosophy of pay as you go. He is a combat veteran who understands what it is to put service above self. fIf you need more information on Seibert before you vote, visit Let’s bring Sean Seibert’s leadership to Washington to champion conservative issues in the 18th Congressional District.


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