Lt. Governor Dewhurst Statement Regarding Court Decision on Texas Voter ID Law

AUSTIN—Today, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst issued the following statement after the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. ruled against Texas’ Voter ID law:

"Following the decision earlier this week by the D.C. federal court to strike down Texas’ redistricting plan, today’s ruling to reject Texas’ Voter ID law should be a rallying cry for conservatives across Texas as the Obama Administration continues to trample on our states’ rights. The law passed in Texas was designed to protect the right of one person-one vote by ensuring that only U.S. citizens − who are legally eligible − vote in elections. We have a Constitutional responsibility to protect and defend one of our most sacred rights – the right to vote – and defend the rights of millions of law-abiding citizens by ensuring fair elections. Texas will immediately appeal this shameful decision and send a message to Attorney General Holder and the Obama Administration to stop meddling in the Constitutional duties of Texas.”


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