Mainstream Media

The Left and the Mainstream Media ("MSM") are holding Trump "accountable" for "hate crimes," "racism" and "bigoted comments" that Trump never engaged in, encouraged, or supported. Many "hate crime" incidents were nothing more than conjured up stories designed to paint Trump as evil. The MSM reported all this as "news", clearly never having checked the facts.

The MSM falsely characterized Trump as "inviting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's computer". This was a characterization that totally misinterpreted Trump's words during the campaign when he pointed out that Russia was not "hacking the election", and then he sarcastically added that if Russia was hacking the election, he hopes they can find Hillary's missing emails.

The MSM, across the board, has labeled the President's recent Executive Orders as a "Muslim ban" despite the fact that it did not include all or even most Muslim countries and was temporary. This was clearly done to support the Left's claims that Trump is "Islamophobic" and it ignored the fact that the Order was intended simply to pause immigration from "countries of concern".

The MSM "reports" that the President is "unstable", when in reality it's nothing more than they don't like his demeanor or don't agree with his policies.

When Trump calls the media out on being fake news, it is characterized as "Trump opposes a free press" and is therefore "dangerous." The press is asking Trump's aides if the President is going to take action to clamp down on the media or restrict First Amendment rights. But Trump never opposed a free press. He opposes a lying press. And he never threatened to make it illegal for the press to continue their lies. He just let us know that he is going to counter them with facts.

"Then there is this issue of selective reporting. Soon as Trump was elected, CNN had non-stop coverage of Obama's great "legacy" and all the "great accomplishments" he achieved, like the failing Obamacare, questionable climate change, and his biggest accomplishment of all being the first black president."

Worst of all, the Left makes accusation of fake news when the news is actually real, but they don't like the facts or conversely, parody as real news. This confuses the public and makes it harder to distinguish real news from fake news.

"The MSM, while free, is lacking the objectivity that used to constitute the hallmark of prestigious journalism. The public relies on the media to provide them with unbiased information (to the extent possible) which in turn, will help shape their understanding of events at home and abroad. Today, the constant, one-sided, biased, and inaccurate reports flowing out of many "news" outlets more closely resemble propaganda, disinformation, or even influence operations, than they do news."

"Information is power. Disinformation hurts the public that the media purports to serve!"


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