Mainstream Media Hypocrisy

While we get educated on Marco Rubio’s credit card woes or whether Carson attempted to stab a neighbor as a teenager or was offered an opportunity to attend West Point, we can easily make one thing clear: the Democratic Party is about to nominate a politician who is a habitual liar and used her position as a politician to enrich herself. Let's be blunt, Hillary Clinton has been a public servant from the time she left the White House until she left her position as Secretary of State twelve years later, and yet, her family is worth nine figures. Her husband earns six figures per speech from donors to the Clinton Foundation and many of those donors also had business with the Secretary of State. You can connect the dot as Peter Schweizer documented this in his book, Clinton Cash.

While the media has gushed over Clinton’s performance at the recent Benghazi hearing, the big story missed was that Hillary Clinton was exposed as a liar. She was telling Americans and the family that a video was responsible for the attack, while at the same time, she was emailing leaders in the region and her family that this was a terrorist attack. Clinton and Obama had much at stake since Obama was in the midst of a political campaign and Clinton needed to protect her own political viability beyond 2012, so this outright lie was launched to protect both.

From the time she managed to earn 100,000 dollars in the cattle future in her days as first lady in Arkansas, she has been caught in enough lies but in the case of Benghazi, her lies have national implication since we still don’t know what she or President Obama did that night three years ago.

It wasn’t just that four Americans died but Benghazi and Libya was part of the Obama Administration’s reckless foreign policy which Hillary Clinton helped to design. We replaced Gaddafi but ended up with a nation that is still in turmoil and essentially run by our enemies. It should be pointed out that Gaddafi surrender his weapons of mass destruction to the U.S. after Saddam Hussein was executed and sat out the war on terror. Obama/Clinton policy replaced a nasty leader with nastier leaders while weakening the campaign against nuclear proliferation since Gaddafi gave up his weapons in exchange of being left alone. Now how can any government trust the United States to give up their own weapons if the United States may even overthrow them if they no longer prove useful to the United States? I could add that Obama all but gave Iran the green light to have nuclear weapons and now other nations in the region are looking at adding nuclear weapons to their arsenal. Hillary was there at the beginning of this policy.

Not one Republican candidate can match Hillary Clinton’s record of deception and profiteering, even at their worse, but the Democrats are preparing to nominate her and I can’t see Obama’s Department of Justice even pursuing any case against Clinton. The facts are simple, she lied about Benghazi and that can’t be denied. Her emails make that clear. We know that she was careless with national security with her private server, Hillary and Bill become multi-millionaires while Hillary was serving as a public figure and her husband was running a “charitable foundation.” The voters will have to decide if Hillary has the character and integrity to be President, but don’t look for the media to search for the answer to that question. They are too busy seeing if Carson lied about West Point or if he was a bully or if Marco Rubio spent money beyond his means. Her lies about Benghazi was politically motivated to win an election and save her future political viability. That is damning enough to disqualify her from the Presidency.


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