March 2014 Texas Primary: Why Local Elections Matter

What do you think of when you hear the term 'nanny state'? Are you like me and you automatically think of some portly, elderly British woman with knee highs and thick dark glasses looking down her nose while standing over a small child? Does that term conjure up images of a tight, restrictive control over ones subjects, just aching for them to make the tiniest mistake so their privileges, or what's left of them, can be snatched away in one fail swoop? Wikipedia defines Nanny state as a term of British origin (and primary use) that conveys a view that a government or its policies are overprotective or interfering unduly with personal choice. The term "nanny state" likens government to the role that a nanny has in child rearing. It is defined by as "a government perceived as authoritarian, interfering, or overprotective" and has also come to be associated with intrusive practices of having the government basically "baby" the populace by being in charge, in control of, and even financing all of its needs. Some governance claimed to represent a nanny state are those that emerge from application of public health, risk management of health and safety policies.

All. The. Things. This definition could neatly sum up what the American people are facing, at least those of us who have stared the ugly truth in the face for the past five years or so. I am a 'mum' of three young boys. I love my kids to pieces, and anyone who knows me can confirm my affection for them. I would, like most 'mums' and dads, walk the ends of the earth for them and back if it would help them to succeed. I have tried to see that they have a quality life, quality education and a solid moral foundation founded in a faith in Jesus Christ.

So tell me why in the world would I want to trust the United Nations with what's in the best interest for my children? Why would we want government entities and unelected bureaucrats to tell us how to run our lives or what insurance to have? Any sane parent or individual wouldn't, I assure you, but that doesn't really seem to matter to the UN, the White House, Congress or the Texas State House or any of these crazy judges making decisions based on past precedent. The time has come, however, to stand up and fight back against the tyranny that is the United Nations, that IS Child Protective Services knocking on your door because you let your children play outside 'unsupervised', that IS the United Nations Conventions of the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) and the tyranny that is every other state agency trying to tear up and stomp on the constitution. Folks, they are coming hard and fast and they won't be satisfied with anything less than you losing control over your child, your family and your freedom.

While the rest of the world is worried about Obamacare and it's faulty website, skyrocketing premiums, et al, I'm concerned about EVERYTHING, and while I appreciate the fact that most bloggers and some Senators and Congressmen/women want to keep the conversation of Obamacare out in front, I'm happy to turn your attention elsewhere; to local and statewide elections, that is.

On the eve of early voting in a mid-term Republican primary, I'm writing this to remind you of how important elections really are and how doing your homework on the candidates that are listed on the ballot can make a huge difference in the outcomes of court cases and policy decisions that are made. Putting liberty minded, conservative candidates into elected positions is a HUGE start! All the candidates on the ballot have websites and they would love to hear from you! Ask the tough questions and decide for yourself. Don't rely on the slate mailers, dubbed pay to play by myself and many other local bloggers. Read my write up about them here and another local blogger called Rhymes With Right, whom I just become acquainted with, writes about them and other local issues here. Another local blogger, Pondering Penguin has even written about pay to play on a state level and you can check it out here.

There are a myriad of candidates on the ballot, from US Senate all the way down to Harris County Republican Party Chair. Lots of statewide offices are up for grabs as well; Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General to name a few. We also find ourselves voting for lots of judges as well; family court judges, supreme court justices for the state of Texas, etc.

Seeing all of these positions to be chosen, important ones at that, I hope you will answer the call to get out and vote. Your voice counts, make it heard. Early voting starts today and goes until February 28th, and election day is March 4th. If you want freedom, in its simplest form, then why not take an active role during an election?



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