Mass Shooting in Chicago Media Ignored

While Democrats plot strategies to rid Conservatives of our voices, they continue their other vile acts on those who dare live among them.

And that’s why we find Chicago in the news again.

I spoke recently on my radio show of the massive increase in violent crime in Chicago over the past year. Last week 53 were shot and 15 killed. Unfortunately, these numbers represent par for the course, as America has gotten used to the violence. Leftists claim to want to create Utopias. But in fact, they create hell holes.

Take a look at this story about the Leftist circle of life.

A service for a shooting victim on the South Side of Chicago ended with a drive-by shooting and a gun battle that claimed 15 victims.

Chicago TV station ABC-7, citing the Chicago Fire Department, reported that 11 people were hospitalized, “all in serious to critical condition.” Others may have driven themselves to the hospital, thus the discrepancy in numbers.

According to ABC-7, the gunfight happened at Rhodes Funeral Services in the city’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood. That’s right. A person was being laid to rest, when a perp decided to shoot up the place.

An unknown gunman began shooting up the funeral home around 6:30 p.m. CDT as the service was ending and people were starting to leave.

Hmm, let’s see if you can find what’s missing from this report.

Police told reporters that the occupants of a black car driving westbound on 79th Street began firing at the funeral and that people at the funeral returned gunfire.

Witness at the scene, Kenneth Hughes told Chicago’s NBC-5 station that “we saw a car with about six bullet holes in it and it was turned facing the grass like he lost control. We saw a hat down on the ground and evidently it was his.”

More than 60 bullet holes and/or shell casings were marked at the scene.

According to police, the drive-by gunmen fled in different directions after the car crashed. Police said “a person of interest” is being interviewed, but there is no indication he is a suspect.

Allow me to speculate a bit, but I don’t think this is a crime of Islamic extremists. So I’m not Islamophobic at least.

Also while I am not a white apologist, this crime doesn’t appear to be done by a white person.

Therefore, let me save you the suspense about the suspect, the dead person, and most of the victims: Black, Black, and Black.

Neighborhood residents Arnita Geder and Kenneth Hughes told the Chicago Sun Times that they heard numerous gunshots while at home watching TV.

“We went out in the street and all we saw was bodies just laying everywhere,” Ms. Geder said. “They were shot up everywhere.”

Ms. Geder added that the two “thought it was a war out here. It’s ridiculous all the shooting that’s going on out here. It really has to stop.”

Sure. It has to stop. And what will Chicagoans, BLM, Democrats, Progressives do to stop it? Nothing.

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the killings in all Democrat-run cities will continue. Perhaps continue to increase as well.

But Democrats won’t blame themselves. They will blame scamdemics like the Wuflu. Or the situations of hopelessness they created. Or they will blame conservatives.


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