McCaul Calls for Answers Regarding Severe Backlog of Passports

Last week, I sent a letter to the Department of State inquiring about the severe backlog and delay of the department's passport operation, and specifically asked when their office would return to full staffing levels.

After enduring travel restrictions during the pandemic, Americans across the country are eager to reconnect with family and friends and create new memories through their travels. I am frustrated to learn many of my constituents have missed important work travel, vacations and even honeymoons because of the backlog of passports. It is time the department return to full staffing levels and address the passport processing delays.

The current wait time for expedited passports is 12 weeks and 18 weeks for general processing. Many of the delays can be attributed to low staffing levels. Since May, my office has assisted with a 124 passport requests.

Read my letter here.



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