McCaul Named Third Most Effective Lawmaker of the 115th Congress

I, the Lead Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Chairman Emeritus on the House Homeland Security Committee, was ranked as the third most effective lawmaker by the Center for Effective Lawmaking.

It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the most effective lawmakers of the 115th Congress. Among my highest priorities in Congress are to keep my district’s communities safe, fight human trafficking, and elevate the fight against childhood cancer. I’m proud of the meaningful reforms I championed to take significant steps forward in each of these areas.  

To more effectively combat human trafficking, I spearheaded a bill to improve the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) ability to better educate and coordinate with federal, state, and local law enforcement. Another bill I led empowered DHS to become the outward facing agency tasked with strengthening our networks and other critical infrastructure, by improving our national cybersecurity capabilities.

I also championed the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill in U.S. history. The Childhood Cancer STAR Act targets the four main aspects of childhood cancer –  Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research – with the goal of discovering new, innovative treatments to treat cancer and the lifelong issues survivors may face.

Craig Volden, Co-Director, Center for Effective Lawmaking: Congressman McCaul effectively used his committee chairmanship to become the third most highly ranked lawmaker in the 115th Congress.  Of the 29 bills he sponsored, eleven passed the House and three became law. His most notable legislative achievements were advancing the Blue Campaign, which directed the Department of Homeland Security’s activities to fight human trafficking, and working to shore up the nation’s cybersecurity efforts (especially pertaining to cloud computing and infrastructure vulnerabilities). Rep. McCaul’s efforts exemplify the continued work still being done by the most dedicated lawmakers in Congress.

I was ranked by the Center for Effective Lawmaking as one of the top ten most effective Republican lawmakers in the 115th House of Representatives. Details available here:


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