McCaul Statement on H.R. 1

I released the following statement on H.R. 1:

The ‘Democrat Politician Protection Act’ is a colossal Washington-knows-best, one-size-fits-all power grab intended to do one thing: serve the interests of politicians, not the American people.

I believe free and fair elections are a hallmark of our democracy. Elections in our country must be a contest of ideas and our electoral system must be protected from political interference. I support encouraging citizens to exercise their right to register and vote in their local, state, and federal elections.

What I do not support is funneling hard-earned taxpayer dollars into a political slush fund for politicians and their partisan priorities. Nor do I support imposing additional unfunded regulations from Washington and further infringing on state and local authorities.

This sweeping 571-page piece of legislation will inhibit the integrity of our nation’s electoral process and undermine states’ ability to manage their elections. This bill rigs the Federal Election Commission (FEC) into a prejudicial, political apparatus for the White House, limits free speech, exposes our election system to more fraud, and forces the American people to subsidize campaigns they do not support.

This proposal is not the way to improve our democracy. I stand by ready to work in a bipartisan fashion to advance meaningful reforms and real solutions for the people – not politicians.


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