The Meaning of Benghazi

You want to know the meaning of Benghazi? It is very simple: the only person so far who has been punished was the filmmaker Nakoula Basseley. Nakoula produced the now infamous youtube video on the prophet Mohammed, which we now know did not cause the Benghazi attack. As for those in charge, we now know they lied to the American people, they intimidated witnesses, and an innocent man was put into jail where he still sits. (Before members of the yahoo brigade state “but Nakoula was guilty of violating his parole”, the reality is that had he produced a YouTube video on the prophet Brigham Young or something nasty about the Mormon faith, he would have been rewarded with a Broadway play and a Tony.)

Those terrorists involved are still walking the streets in Benghazi, or wherever they are, with no fear of reprisal from this Administration. Here is what we do know for certain.

First, it was obvious from the opening moments of the attack that this was a terrorist. When the talking points were being formulated to emphasize the film being responsible, this Administration knew those talking points were lies. We know that witnesses were prevented from meeting with Congress and intimidated into not talking. We know that twice, rescue teams were told to stand down. Twice! Why? We still don’t know.

Second, there was a debate on whether to proceed with military options to save those under attack. As my friend JD Johannes noted, there were military reasons for not proceeding, but we know options were available. What we don’t know is why they were excercised. Was it because a military option could have failed and a larger force would be required to rescue the first wave? Why was the go ahead not given? We have no idea since this Administration has not been willing to tell the truth.

Third, Hillary Clinton did not approve the needed security but the question is why, and “what difference does it make” can no longer be used. Her hand in this fiasco is all over it, and if nothing else, her behavior during the crisis and after is enough to disqualify her from being President.

Fourth, we have learned nothing from this other than the media outside of Fox did not do due diligence and investigate this fully. This allowed Obama and Clinton to get away with a lie while pursuing their political career. This was an incidence that if told properly should have ended Obama and Clinton's political career. Even now, there is no guarantee that the media will continue to pursue this.

Fifth, we have no clue what Obama did or did not do. We are hearing about a White House in which the President was missing in action along with his Secretary of State. If it appeared that Obama chose to do nothing because it was politically expedient and then lie about the cause to save his political career, then Obama broke faith with those who serve under his command as Commander in Chief and the nation as a whole.

Benghazi is an issue that showed that we have a President who can't answer the proverbial three AM call, and now, the Secretary of State has show herself incapable of answering that call as well.


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