Media Bias Matters!

If you want to know the real story about America, you might want try reading the British newspaper. How many Americans will read in their daily newspaper that Hillary's tour of the little people were staged events? The British Daily Mail reported that one of Hillary’s coffee stop featured Democratic operatives who were driven to the shop as part of a “spontaneous” meeting. Can we say staged event? And we had to read it in a British Newspaper?

Remember when we were told that 2014 was the “hottest year” since 1880? The Daily Mail again reported the truth when Government scientist Galvin Schmidt “admitted NASA thinks the likelihood that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880 is just 38 percent." Translation: the government submitted bad data, and the real story is not that 2014 was the hottest year but that government scientists released a useless study since it coincided with government policy toward climate change and energy production. Government scientists prostituted themselves to advance Obama’s policy.

To say that much of the mainstream media has a leftist bias is like reporting dog bites man, but there are times that the media bias has disastrous consequences. The Rolling Stone piece on the rape that never occurred at the University of Virginia is one example. The Rolling Stone simply didn’t bother to even do the basic journalistic checks to assure accuracy but went with the story because it fit the narrative that male predators, often members of fraternities, were raping women in record numbers. Sexual assault is serious business, but when fake stories are published or given credence, it only makes it harder to deal with real assaults.

With one of the most important elections upon us, it would be incumbent upon the media to actually play it fair for both sides, but over the past few decades, much of the media has taken sides on issues. As one pundit observed, many reporters have become Democratic operatives with bylines. Take the issue of climate change, where some reporters have made it clear they are not going to cover the issue fairly. New York Times' Justin Gillis acknowledged that many reporters will not quote scientists who disagree with their worldview. Never mind the fact that much of the data that climate alarmists have depended upon have failed in predicating real world conditions or that for nearly five decades, we have seen alarmists go from predicating the new Ice Age to "we are all going to fry to death." Many news rooms will ignore the science and report environmentalist extremists’ talking points as facts, even if it doesn’t make sense. (Like a recent story that climate change is responsible for present day music getting worse. I kid you not.) When you consider the thousands of jobs this Administration is threatening or put our own future economy prosperity in jeopardy with their energy policy, it does matter to get the story as correct as can be. Believe it or not, there are two sides to the story and the side not often reported has proven to be more correct than those often quoted.

How many people are aware that Lois Lerner will not be prosecuted for targeting conservative groups? Imagine if this was the Romney administration and Lerner targeted left wing groups. She would already be behind bars. Considering that Ms. Lerner has a long time history of targeting conservative groups, this is one of those outrages that if done by a Republican administration, would have resulted in impeachment hearings. (For those who want to know about Lois Lerner's past, review past articles I have written detailing it. Let's just say, she was as nasty during the Clinton years as she was during the Obama years.)

The media has moved on from the IRS scandal, but the reality is that the scandal hits at the core of our democracy. How long will it be before we are told that Hillary’s missing emails are just past news and we should move on? Never mind the fact that we might be looking at possible obstruction of justice and the latest revelation that Hillary and the State Department did not disclose the extent of the private email communication when asked in 2012, and shortly thereafter, the emails were deleted.  Just imagine if Bush or Walker was Secretary of State and he informed the media, “Hey I used a private email server for all government business, had my assistants using my private servers, and I deleted whatever I determine was important and was not.” Bush or Walker's candidacy would be over and the present Department of Justice would be prosecuting either men for obstruction of justice among other things.


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