Medicare For All A Terrible Idea

Rush Limbaugh recently explained why Medicare For All is bad for us. Share this with your uninformed friends.

"They've got this thing called Medicare for All, which is designed to make you think that what they want to do is expand Medicare for 65 and older and just include everybody on it. It's not what they mean. It's what they want you to think."

"Medicare for All is something entirely different. Medicare for All is what Obama really wanted with Obamacare. It's what he wanted it to eventually become, and that is single payer. You have no choice. If you have private insurance, it's gonna be taken away from you. If you have insurance at your employer, it's gonna be taken away from you - and over 150 million Americans get their health insurance at work.

"It's gonna be taken away from you with Medicare for All. But remember; Medicare for All is not the current Medicare program just applied to everybody. It's entirely new, single payer. It takes away from you every aspect of your health care today that you might like and puts the government in total control of health insurance, health coverage, and health treatment. But they're not telling you that.

"They want you to think that Medicare for All is simply the expansion of existing Medicare to everybody, and it isn't. In the U.K., you can go to government providers or you can spend and go to a private, nongovernment provider. You will not have that choice under Medicare for All. They are not gonna allow any private health care. Sanders and Warren and any other Democrats will not allow any private health care under Medicare for All. Don't doubt me."


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