Modern Day Socialists -- 1%'s?

What is happening in our country today is becoming progressively harder to believe every day.  Worse, people are getting hard to believe!  With the advent of political correctness — lying to others with a good motive — is causing the ‘good guys‘ to be hard to trust.  Which is the plan by the way.  If there is no truth, you don’t believe anything.  If you don’t believe anything, then you can possibly believe in almost anything.  We’ve thrown away our compass.  So how do we know which way we’re going or why?  I know it sounds convoluted, but then so is the Left.

You hear often now that socialism is the answer to everything — especially our economy.  With that ‘tried and true’ approach to distributing money (?), you can expect to raise your standard of living on the backs of the rich.  Right?

But who exactly are those rich guys?  Wall street?  Corporate executives?  Doctors?  Lawyers?  Yes to all of the above …  and a few more.

Please take just five minutes of your day to listen to the video below which will divulge information that you won’t hear anywhere else — promise.  (The majority of our media will not even allude to this topic.)  If after watching it you still want to entertain that great socialism philosophy, lots of luck with your decision and future.  This video sheds light on those evil people who want you to pay the freight for their doings.  Want an example?  How’d the last eight years before Trump go for you?  Hmmm?

Although this video does relate extremely important information, the host uses humor to present this serious topic.  Be patient…  it’s worth it.

The Blaze TV — What ‘Democratic Socialists’ don’t want you to know



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