More Misguided Policy under Obama

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to learn more about its operations. I believe many of us agree the President is wrong about a lot, but when it comes to Guantanamo, the President could not be more misguided. The bottom line is that there are people out there that continue to be a threat to our country that we simply cannot allow to return to the fight. By releasing those who want to do our nation harm, the President is not only putting the America at risk, but is putting our soldiers that defend our freedom in harm’s way.

Quite frankly, I do not buy the President’s argument that there is a need to close down Guantanamo. The people housed there are terrorists and will return to fight regardless of group affiliation. These are people who want to do harm to America because the freedoms and privileges that all American citizens enjoy. With ISIL in the Middle East and while our borders are not secure, we cannot gamble with our national security by letting these people return to the fight.

One of the essential roles of our government is to provide for a common defense. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base helps accomplish that goal. In matters like this, it is the role of Congress to advise and give consent to the President. Clearly, he is making poor choices, and I will work with my colleagues in the House to make sure that Guantanamo continues to be in operation while we face threats both at home and abroad.


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