More Proof Climate Change Is Caused By Nature

Here are some of the latest on the climate change debate showing once again that the theory that humanity causing the end of our planet is disintegrating.

Anyone observing this debate knows that global warming has slowed over the past seventeen years and we are witnessing a pause in the warming process that occurred from the mid-70’s to the mid 90’s. The advocates are scrambling to explain the failure of their models, those models that projected the warming process that failed to occur. Scientists Paul Knappenberger and Patrick Michael observed, “If the models are overheated, then so too are all the impacts that derive from the model projections, which is the death knell for all those proposed regulations limiting our use of fossil fuels for energy.” This has always been the key, using scare tactics to produce fear and limit our use of fossil fuels.

These authors noted, “Examining 108 climate model runs spanning the period from 1951-2012 shows that the model-simulated trends in the global average temperature vary by a factor of three—hardly a high level of agreement as to what should have taken place among models.”

Finally, they added, “So the IPCC does not seek to tell the truth, but instead to further the “climate change is bad” narrative. After all, governments around the world have spent a lot of effort in trying to combat climate change based upon previous IPCC assessments. The IPCC can’t very well go back and say, oops, we were wrong, sorry about that! So they continue to perpetuate the myth and lead policymakers astray.”

From Powerline, the following new article shows that two scientists in an academic study support the concept of lying about the science behind climate change!

The authors wrote, “We find that the information manipulation has an instrumental value, as it ex post induces more countries to participate in an IEA, which will eventually enhance global welfare.” It appears that these scientists are actually destroying the credibility of science and poisoning the debate. It is also shows that it is becoming harder every day to believe these people!

Powerline blog talks about yet another reference that shows the absurdity of the man-made climate advocates science. If we examine the 20th century, we will find two warming period sandwiching a cooler period. The first period lasted from 1910 to 1940 and after a 35 years cooling period, we saw another warming trend from 1975 to 1998, followed by the present pause. The first warming period was not statistically different than the second period but the first period can’t be credited to human activity.

Powerline John Hinderaker writes, “But this is disingenuous: even under the defective models on which the alarmists rely, it cannot be claimed that prior to 1950, human contributions of CO2 to the atmosphere could have had any significant effect. So why do the warmists keep talking about the last century?”

We are recovering from a little ice age and John Hinderaker observed, “Average temperatures are still relatively low compared to the last 10,000 years, so it is plausible that warming may continue. But until the alarmists can explain how they differentiate–scientifically!–the 1975-1998 warming from the 1910-1945 warming, their apocalyptic theories will continue to be a bad joke.”

A new paper finds solar activity could influence Artic Sea ice and there were less ice during the Medieval and Roman warm periods. The paper showed the connection between solar activity and Arctic sea ice concentration. Translation: natural events control much of our planet climate.  

Another new paper shows that present abrupt changes in the Arctic are typical of the past 66 million years! The paper states, "Globally, the general trend of increasing air surface temperature over the last 15 years has slowed in recent years, and is currently four times less than predicted by simulations [of the latest IPCC climate models] (Fyfe et al., 2013). However, over the same interval, global atmospheric CO2 level has continued to increase (Francey et al., 2013) and the Arctic Ocean has experienced a rapid decline in summer sea ice extent and thickness (Stroeve et al., 2012) (Fig. 1). The lack of a strong correlation between global average air temperature, atmospheric CO2 and Arctic summer sea ice provides one example that shows that Arctic environmental changes are heavily influenced by complex interplays between different feedback mechanisms." Translation: climate change is more complicated with natural events significant part of the explanation!

Another link that shows 400 institutions with research from more than 700 scientists in 40 countries have produced peer reviewed, published papers showing that Medieval Warm Period of 1000 years ago existed and was warmer than the present time! Those supporting strictly man-made climate change can’t account for this since this means that this warmer period can’t be attributed to any human activities and any attempts to debunk this by the alarmists have been discredited. The meaning is clear, the failure of alarmists to debunk this is yet more evidence that natural events are a significant contributor to climate change.

The point is that there are thousands of reference studies out there challenging the status quo and shows that climate change is more complicated and more nuanced than what we are being told. It is a point that I have been making and thousands of studies exist to back my position. The problem with the alarmist view is that we are being kept from doing what is needed. Any money diverted to deal with “climate change” is money diverted away from other problems that are more pressing. If you spend all night worrying about our CO2 levels, the good news is that our own emission of CO2 has decreased due to the increased use of natural gas and fracking! Yet many of the same people who are forever telling us the sky is falling are opposed to those energy sources that are cleaner and reduce our CO2 use. (Of course some scientists have argued that we need more CO2, showing that there is much to learn and the world is not so simple.)

This is more proof that the alarmist case is imploding, and it is time to rescue science from the hucksters before we engage in policy that will reduce our quality of life and be responsible for millions slipping into poverty worldwide!


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