More Secrets

The IRS targeted, intimidated, and harassed many Americans because of their political philosophy. The people are still waiting for answers about why their government is engaged in this Soviet-style behavior.

First, 2 years of emails were lost. Now we learn that the IRS purposely used an internal messaging system--an office communication server--on the sly. They opted not to archive these messages and kept them secret from the eyes of the citizens and Congress. In one email Lois Lerner apparently was told the messaging system was not archived. Her response? "Perfect.''

So we will never know what was in those messages that were intentionally scrubbed.

There is a pattern here.

The Secretary of State was conducting official business on her own untraceable secret email server, and the taxman used its own "go dark system'' to evade transparency. It is just another day with the "most transparent administration in history.''

The public has a right to know and get answers to all these scandals. After years of stonewalling, it is painfully obvious that this administration will not investigate this administration.

And that is just the way it is.


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